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Iron and Wine - Boy with a Coin [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


God, I remember when reinekaos showed me this song YEARS ago, I didn’t like it because my brother told me not to. After losing the mix CD and years of searching for it, I finally found it :)

It’s a good song. Haha. I’m glad you gave it another chance.

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That’s the opposite of a problem

I’d love to know how this mistake was made. What was going through their heads at the factory?

"Are you sure it actually says 1,450?"

"Yeah, why would it be a mistake?"

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Sheep used for wool are CASTRATED without painkillers, tails CHOPPED off & throats slit, just for a pair of UGG Australia boots, a wool sweater, or jacket:

People still buy these ugly disgusting things. Even when I tell them about the animals that died for their ugly boots they don’t care.

I don’t agree with ugg boots but this is actually bullshit.

1. Lamb marking (cutting off tails) is done so that the sheep doesnt get flyblown when summer comes. Flyblown is where flies lay their eggs near the anus of a sheep, when they hatch maggots eat at the inside of the sheep colon, infesting it with bacteria which can eventually kill them, slowly and very painfully.

2. Shearing does not injure a sheep, I don’t know about other countries but I’m sure its the same as Australia when if you do not shear them, they DO eventually become flyblown.

3. You CANNOT use wool if it has been contaminated by BLOOD. It cannot be skirted out like poo and urine does by the roustabouts.

4. Once a sheep has had its ‘throat slit’ it cannot be sheared for the same reason as 3. It has no advantage for anyone by killing their livestock if they are in the wool industry.

I don’t care about your decision to hate ugg boots, you probably don’t give a flying shit about mine but DO NOT spread this bullshit information when the wool industry does not work that way.

Peta and their bullshit

You do not have to condone woollen clothing (if you’re vegan/simply disagree with animals being used by humans for clothing even if they are not harmed by the process) but for the love of god don’t resort to slinging misinformation around to get your point across, damn.

we used to take care of a herd of sheep on the farm when i was a kid and all of this is true i can’t tell you how many sheep i’ve seen being sheared like you don’t skin them to get the wool they’re still very much alive afterwards do not spread this ‘ruthless cruelty’ bullshit around please and thank you

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Come follow me on IG. I follow back.


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Come check out my instagram and follow me. 

IG: Reine_kaos

Come check out my instagram and follow me.

IG: Reine_kaos

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What if it bites me and it dies?

that means you’re poisonous. jesus christ, nate, learn to read.

What if it bites itself and I die?

It’s voodoo.

What if it bites me and someone else dies?

That’s correlation, not causation.

what if we bite each other and neither of us die

that’s kinky

oh my god

More Ultrafacts (Source)

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It is a shame the word is so harshly used but it is literally the word for genetically/mentally disabled people so I am a little torn by this.

Oh, really? And yet it was apparently so easy to find two terms OTHER than that, but you still think you should be able to use the same word people use to harass me for being autistic and having a blog?




but sure, what’s the point of even using a slur, when people literally use my ACTUAL DIAGNOSIS against me as an insult?


And believe that I should be put away in an institution because I’M HAPPY AND HAVE A FULFILLING LIFE????


Like honestly? It’s at the point where NO MATTER WHAT WORD YOU USE, IF IT MEANS US, IT’S AN INSULT. Because being someone with a cognitive disability is the worst thing you can be. It means you can’t be happy, and if you are, you deserve to have your autonomy taken away and be shut up in a fucking institution.

Seriously, just the fact that I’m alive, and that I do ANYthing is enough for me to get sent messages like these.

Because any word that means “like me” is just synonymous with an insult. With nonhuman. With “thing”.

That’s why people don’t see the point. That’s why they’re “torn”. Because for them, “retard”, “autistic”, “developmentally disabled”, “cognitively disabled”…there is no difference to them. It all just means “some THING that should probably be tied to a bed somewhere until its screaming stops bothering people.”

It doesn’t matter what you call it, because it isn’t a person. Sometimes I imagine it must be nice to be one of the people who gets to sit around and discuss what we should be called.

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So…am I the only one who remembers The Origin of Donnie?


It was one of the saddest TV moments of my childhood! Donnie’s parents were originally very similar to Nigel and Mirianne. They befriended an orangutan mother and her son and taught them a single sign in sign-language: family. One day, poachers attached the orangutans. Donnie’s parents intervened and were killed for doing so. The villagers nearby sent their bodies to sea. Out of love and gratitude, the mother orangutan briefly ‘adopted’ Donnie, who was only a toddler. A year later, they stumbled across Nigel as he and the Thornberrys were filming. The orangutan decided that Donnie needed a human family and put Donnie in Nigel’s path. The Thornberrys, of course, adopted him, having personally known and respected his parents as great naturalists. 

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this bracelet came with the original letter 

addressed to ’ pet ‘ 

christmas 1884.

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I have no clue what I just read but I like it.

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Victorian Secret Hopeful

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